Innergarm's 'Vegan Inner Balancing Gel', "94.61% Satisfaction Rate" as a result of the Hwahae Cosmetics Survey





innergarm's 'Vegan Inner Balancing Gel', "94.61% Satisfaction Rate" as a result of the Hwahae Cosmetics Survey


Vegan-certified applicator-type feminine cleanser that excludes animal-derived ingredients.


innergarm's 'Vegan Inner Balancing Gel', a brand specializing in feminine care, announced that it achieved a high satisfaction rate of 94.6% in a survey conducted by Hwahae, Korea's No. 1 beauty app.  

This survey, which was conducted with 297 people from the reconciliation survey group, was conducted targeting consumers who used the actual product for two weeks by providing the original vegan inner balancing gel.

As a result of the survey, 97.9% (results of a total of 289 respondents) answered "The smell seems to have decreased after use", and 95.1% of the respondents (results of a total of 289 respondents) said "It seems that the itchiness has decreased after use, 95.6% Respondents (results from a total of 297 respondents) answered, "It seems to be helpful for Y-zone care.”



innergarm’s newly launched vegan inner balancing gel is the first vegan-certified applicator-type female cleanser that is suitable for when you need to clean before and after exercise or menstruation, when you are uncomfortable with a lot of smell and discharge, or when you want to use a cleanser conveniently outside.


Vegan Inner Balancing Gel is a product researched and developed with only vegetable ingredients, excluding all animal ingredients to match the product name. It has completed deodorization test, antibacterial test, and skin irritation test, and only ingredients that are EWG green grade are carefully selected so that consumers with sensitive and sensitive skin types can use it with confidence.


An innergarm official said, "innergarm's new products, Vegan Inner Balancing Gel and Vegan Moisturizing Gel, received candid evaluations from consumers through the Hwahae Cosmetics Survey and confirmed the product's effectiveness. I am satisfied because it seems to have received a high evaluation for the core function of the back inner care gel."


innergarm is the inner beauty brand of Wettrust Co., Ltd., a company specializing in feminine care. Its representative products include vegan product lines such as vegan inner balancing gel and vegan moisturizing gel.