Technology + Support

The most advanced feminine care solution,
matched to woman’s daily changes & life cycle.

Our patented technology and evidence-based research help
you understand your body and find fundamental relief.

Innovation + Support

We created an entirely novel range of innovations to
support women in having confidence and happiness.

Our whole process is operated by 5 Wettrust support labs.

Applicator Research

Applicator Research

Researching and developing
advanced applicators with
eco-friendly material

Formulation Research

Formulation Research

  • Medical devices
  • Cosmetics
  • OTC drugs
Women’s Health Research

Women’s Health Research

  • Clinical study with universities and
  • Professional Seminars with
    Gynecologists & Pharmacists
  • Prevention vulvovaginal disease
Test Analysis

Test Analysis

  • Safety test
  • Stability test
  • Effectiveness test
  • Product quality test


Research & Management
Prototype development
HMS Future Femtech
Research & Management

Research & Management

The Wettrust R&M lab focuses on the development and
origination of breakthrough innovation technologies and
materials based on our knowledge and proven-data sets.

Every ingredient and formulation is obsessively
researched by our R&M lab team.

Prototype development

Prototype development

Wettrust R&D lab utilizes a systematic approach
to qualitative research to enhance evidence-based
support and solutions for women. This includes advanced bio
materials, vulvovaginal rejuvenation formulas,
and decoding vagina micro flora.

HMS Future Femtec

HMS Future Femtec

As the global leader in feminine care technology,
the HMS Future Femtech lab focuses on creating
impactful and innovative materials and formulas that
can be commercialized within 2-3 years.

Clinical studies

Clinical study

From clinical study to safe and efficacy test of our solutions including new treatment combinations,
we are continuously making remarkable discoveries to improve our products.

  • Effects of feminine cleanser “inclear” on sperm motility
    (2014 Dec; 41(4): 165–167.)
  • A Study on the activation of beneficial bacteria of certain
    materials by molecular size
  • A Study on the usefulness of Eco-friendly/bio-compatible
    active substance from nature
  • A Study on UV and thermal stability for product application
  • A MIC Study on harmful bacteria by sample
  • Applied research on lubricants and sperm motility
  • A Study on antifungal activity of pathogenic bacteria or
    fungi that is harmful to vagina
  • A Study on the effect of lactobacillus on vagina

Product Safety Tests

  • Vaginal mucosa irritation test (Applicator)
  • Vaginal irritation test (Formula)
  • Condom compatibility test
  • Osmolality test of vaginal gel
  • mucosa irritation test
  • Cytotoxicity test
  • Skin Sensitization test
  • Skin Stimulation test
  • Intradermal reaction test
  • Acute toxicity test
  • Certain microorganism test
  • Contents preservation test
  • Cleansing gel spreading (or spray) test
  • Decompression test (Leakage test)
  • Container strength test
  • Tensile strength test
  • Eluate(Elution) test
  • Real-time validation test