Mission & vision & product philosophy

LAB Specialized in Better Feminine Care through Technology & Innovation


Based on our development experience and technology as a feminine care specialist, Wettrust is strengthening our R&D core values with innovative technology and scientific research, deepening our research system to improve the quality of women’s lives with continuous R&D activities and test analysis of products.

Product philosophy
  • Clean

    Single use & disposable applicator Designed preventing reuse or recycling

  • Safe

    International standard manufacturing quality management system

  • Convenient

    The ‘one-push’ type applicator can be used anytime, anywhere

Our motto
More & Better
  • MORE healthy & beautiful
  • BETTER life for all women on earth
  • MORE technologically advanced
  • BETTER quality and effectiveness
Disposable applicator
Pre-filled Gel
  • Sub-acidic

    that help maintain ecosystems in healthy vaginas

  • Similar

    texture and viscosity to female's natural lubrication

  • Continuous

    exploring for the safest and most effective moisturizing factor

  • Discovering

    suitable materials for mucous membrane’s rejuvenation

  • Vaginal irritation test

  • Cytotoxicity test

  • Skin sensitization test

  • Intradermal reactivity test

Vaginal Suppository Applicator
  • Vaginal irritation test

  • Cytotoxicity test

  • Skin sensitization test

  • Specific microorganism test

Core Competence in R&D

Selection of effective ingredient of phytochemicals with materials ensuring bio-safety

Applicator Research
  • Researching and developing advanced applicators and eco-friendly material
Formulation Research
  • Medical devices
  • Cosmetics
  • Human OTC drugs
Test Analysis
  • Safety test
  • Stability test
  • Effectiveness test
  • Product quality test
Women’s Health Research
  • Clinical study with University College of Medicine and general hospital
  • Holding seminars with gynecologists & pharmacists
  • Research for prevention of feminine disease
Manufacturing Facilities

Quality control & production stability ‘to produce higher quality products with a more efficient production system’