Feminine care brand Innergarm launches new vegan feminine cleansing tissues





Feminine care brand Innergarm launches new vegan feminine cleansing tissues

100 percent organic cotton vegan feminine cleansing tissues 



Feminine care brand Innergarm announced on 10th that it has launched Vegan Feminine Cleansing Tissue.

Innergarm's Vegan Feminine Cleansing Tissue contains probiotic complex lactic acid bacteria and extracts of wormwood, centella asiatica, and green tea for skin health as well as Y-zone cleanliness.

They are made from 100% organic pure cotton, which is gentle on delicate skin, and are tested free of harmful ingredients to ensure they are safe to use. They have also been tested on humans to assess skin irritation and are non-irritating, so you can use them with confidence.

The scent is inspired by a beautiful garden with abundant flowers, making it feel fresh and subtly fragrant when used. The product is also individually packaged to meet the needs of consumers who carry personal hygiene products.


An official from Innergarm said, "Innergarm, a brand specialising in feminine care, is a leading eco-friendly brand that uses eco-friendly packaging materials for the environment, and we are constantly researching and developing vegan products that are not tested on animals and use only plant-based ingredients." "Innergarm Vegan Feminine Cleansing Tissue is currently offering a 54% discount on the official mall as an exclusive launch special."

For more information, please visit the official website.