Innergarm, all 9 products officially entered the Olive Young Online Mall





Innergarm, all 9 products officially entered the Olive Young Online Mall

Store opening commemorative discount promotion
Direct management mall and social media purchase verification event


Nine products, including vegan inner balancing gel, from innergarm, a brand specializing in feminine care, have officially entered the Olive Young online mall.

According to Innergarm on the 18th, the products that have been introduced to the Olive Young online mall are 5 types of ‘vegan cosmetics’ and 3 types of feminine care items that have been recognized by the Korea Vegan Certification Authority.

Vegan inner balancing gel, moisturizing gel, 2 types of feminine cleansing bars, feminine cleansing tissue, aroma peach inner balancing gel with deodorant effect, aroma lavender inner balancing Lastly, it is a feminine care light-up cream that has the effect of brightening discolored skin.

Innergarm’s long-selling product, Vegan Inner Balancing Gel, received a very high evaluation from the meticulous beauty evaluation team (Kkompyeongdan) of the beauty app ‘Hwahae’. 97% of the 289 respondents responded positively, saying ‘yes’ to the question ‘I think the smell has decreased after using it’.

In addition, the recently launched vegan feminine cleansing bar has seen a funding success rate of nearly 405% on Wadiz, and the vegan cleansing wipes have continued to grow by word of mouth among consumers, with over 10,000 units sold in the first month since launch.

An official from Innergarm said, "Last year, Innergarm was rebranded as a clean beauty feminine care brand. As we have a thick customer base with differentiated products, we expect to fully satisfy the needs of Olive Young's target customers." "We will strive to become a popular feminine care brand through Olive Young."

"Starting with the Olive Young store, we plan to expand our sales network and expand our contact points with consumers." "We will continue to expand our product lineup to provide customized step care for women's menstrual cycles based on the premise of women's healthy life and awareness of the global environment."

Meanwhile, Innergarm is currently running a discount event to commemorate its launch on Olive Young's online mall, as well as a purchase certification event on Innergarm's direct mall and social networking services (SNS).