'innergarm', a feminine care brand, participates in ‘Femtech Tokyo’




'innergarm', a feminine care brand, participates in ‘Femtech Tokyo’

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The feminine care specialist brand 'Innergarm' announced on the 16th that it participated in ‘Femtech Tokyo’, held from the 5th to the 7th of this month at Tokyo Big Sight, with the largest booth, and received a warm response from international buyers and exhibition participants.

‘Femtech Tokyo’, now in its second year, is Japan's largest Femtech and Femcare specialty exhibition, and this year's event was a great success with 200 exhibitors from around the world and a total of 11,395 visitors.

'Femtech' is a compound word of 'Female' and 'Technology' and refers to technologies, products, and services for women's health, including menstruation, pregnancy, pre- and post-natal care, and menopause. The global Femtech market is estimated to be worth 7.3 trillion won, growing annually, and is expected to reach 12.6 trillion won by 2030.

'innergarm,' which promotes conscious beauty, made its debut in Japan through the 'Femtech Tokyo' exhibition. According to the company, visitors were interested in the vegan concept and products with innergarm's signature scents, especially the nine ‘Elle x innergarm collaboration edition’, which were launched in collaboration with French Elle designers.

The Elle x innergarm collaboration edition products are created with a concept that fully embodies the energy of plants, symbolizing innergarm's brand concept of 'vegan,' with a French aesthetic artwork image and a nature-friendly plant pattern.

An official stated, "Visitors admired the Elle x innergarm Limited Package, saying 'The package is so beautiful, and I like it even more because it's vegan. I hope I can purchase it in Japan as well."