Tea tree

wettrust Tea Tree Feminine Cleansing Wipes



  • 25ea
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Leave nothing but FRESHNESS with wettrust TEATREE feminine cleansing wipes

Revitalizing and refreshing anytime · anywhere for every lifestyle!


ON-THE-GO freshness for sensitive vulva skin : Individually wrapped sachet type 

Wettrust intimate care is designed for every lifestyle. Made to match your pH, optimize for sensitive external areas.

It is on-the-go alternative to feminine wash and perfect for travel.


l Individually wrapped sachet type 

l pH balanced for vulva skin

l Super soft and natural cleansing 

l no sticky residue, just freshness 




■ 100% organic cotton cloths infused with nature 

Revitalize and refresh while respecting your body's natural pH balance. 

wettrust TEA TREE FEMININE CLEANSING WIPES only leaves freshness behind no sticky residue. 


[What's inside?]

l 100% organic cotton cloths : optimize for sensitive vulva skin 

l teatree oil, origanum Vulgare extract, Aloe vera leaf extract, witch hazel water : natural cleansing, prevent itching and dryness

l Probiotics : Protect and strengthen vulva skin



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