innergarm Vita serum


Moisturizing / Whitening / Anti-aging

  • 15ml
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Shining light, my beautiful skin 


"innergarm Vita Serum" is a high-concentration pure vitamin C * beauty essence that directly approaches the problems of various ages,

such as pores *, dullness *, skin firmness and texture. 

You can firmly deliver the power of the skin to your skin.
* Pure Vitamin C = Ascorbic Acid As a skin conditioning ingredient
* Pore = Moisturizes and smooth skin with less noticeable pores
* Dullness = Drying
* Penetration = Stratum corneum 


​For your brighter-bouncer skin,

innergarm 14 vita serum delivers full-strength results with every application.





Effectively moisturize and protect skin by fully absorption with no irritation! 



The secret?

 A potent 14% pure vitamin C, delivered with 24 natural ingredients!

and there are more.



1. Three innovated ways to preserve Pure Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is tricky ingredient as it is difficult to preserve, but with innergarm VITA SERUM's innovated systems. it is not.


2. No more tingling or burning feeling!

With Allantoin, Pantenol(Vitamin B​5​), Portulaca Extract, Make your skin relaxed and boost the benefits of Serum.




3. Feel the gentle, yet powerful antibiotics benefits of Vitamin C!

A synergistic blend of antioxidant-rich green tea,  

Tremella fuciformis, xanthophyll, French Coastal Pine Bark Extract, Ferulic acid, Tocopherol help turbocharge its luminosity-boosting antibiotics benefits!



You may wonder if INNERGARM VITA SERUM really WORKS... Here's the results!




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