innergarm Feminine Cleansing Gel (3 pieces)



  • 1.7g * 3 pieces
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inner感[innergarm]  Feminine Cleansing Gel


Take back your clean, balanced freshness!


When the intimate area's health balance is off, you get unpleasant odors and discharge, itchines,s and dryness - which can cause discomforts. 

1 n 5 women use wrong way to clean the intimate area, and it can lead to many health complications. 

When the intimate area exposed to the risks - such as sexual intercourse, stress, hormone imbalance - it needs supporting just like other parts of our body. 

Keep your intimate area in tip-top condion with innergarm feminine cleansing gel. 






Cleanse discomfort, Boost balance. Waterless cleansing for healthy vagina!


 innergarm feminine cleansing gel helps purify, balance, and restore the healthy condition.

The perfect synergy of Plant derived extracts and lactic acid deliver a gentle, effective solution for discomforts. 

Each ingredients has its role, and they work perfectly together. 


Purify, Cleanse, restore ​the vaginal condition : Sophora root extract, licorice extract 

l Balance pH levels : Lactic Acid 

l pH 4.2-4.8 

Color free, Fragrance free 

Relieve discharge, Unusual odor, and itching




 ■ PATENTED APPLICATOR Just Push and releasethen you will feel the difference.

Meet our patented applicator, SOOTHE. 

SOOTHE is designed to bring you a multi-dimensional perspective of freedom - natural insertion and more. 


l  Streamlined shaped for the most comfortable insertion

l  The ' one-push' type applicator

l  Designed preventing reuse or recycling 

l  Individually wrapped disposable applicator






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