Repair Warming Intimate Gel (Sachet)


Vaginal Moisturizer / Personal Lubricant

  • Sachet (2ml X 10ea)
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wettrust REPAIR BASIC intimate gel (sachet packet type)


Support turning up the romantic temperature by reacting with the moisture of your skin by creating a warming sensation. 

wettrust REPAIR WARMING intimate gel brings you a fun and sensual memory. 



 ■ Heat up your warm heart with a gentle warm touch

   wettrust REPAIR WARMING intimate gel mimics your body's natural moisture with proper pH balance, hypoallergenic formula. 

It provides a gentle warming touch with next-level hydration and a long-lasting silky-smooth glide. 


l Premium water-based formula with a gentle warmining sensation

Hypoallergenic transparent gel 

Eliminates intimate discomfort 

l long-lasting skily smooth glide 

l Boost the blood circulation  

l Leaves no goopy mess, no stains on clothes or sheets 

On-the-go moisturizing with individually packed sachet 




  ■ Because it should be "ooh yes", not "ouch no"

Every body parts wants to stay hydrated and mosturized.  

wettrust REPAIR WARMING intimate gel provides a soft moisturized feel that disspate across skin, with no stains on your clothing or sheets.


 Natural hydration : Asiatic pennywort extract, green tea extract, and saponaria officinalis leaf extract.

Smooth & long-lasting protection : Jojoba esters oil

l  Deep, long-lasting moisture : Hyaluronic Acid & Beta Glucan

Boost & energize the blood circulation : Ginseng extract, mugwort extract




How to use  


 1. Wash hands and open the individual sachet along the tear line

2. Apply a suitable amount of the gel to the intimate area






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